The Baci Pen


Baci Insulin Infusion Systems was born in an attempt to deliver a better option of insulin usage to the great percentage of patients that cannot afford gadgets or insulin pumps to their children.

The Brazilian pediatric population with type 1 Diabetes is among one of the largest numbers in the world. Most of them receive their medications, specially insulin, through government programs, which offers only the option to use syringes with needles that are often scary to use, specially in the little ones.


To understand how expensive an insulin infusion system can be in Brazil, most of the prices represents 10% of the country minimum wage. If we talk about insulin pumps, it can be raised up to 1400%.

It is an unfortunate situation that occurs not only in Brazil, but with each children with type 1 Diabetes in the undeveloped world.

The solution was found in 3D printing techniques to develop a system cheap, precise and safe.


The minimalist design focus on the low income families. It is easy to use, with no numbers and principles which can be taught by the healthcare professional to any person with any level of understanding.

It is universal to any type of insulin refill.

The price is as low as US$1,00.

Most important, it delivers insulin in a way that most of the low income patients couldn’t even think about.


Different colors helps children enjoy the treatment, feel less pain and with more precise dosages.

This is Baci Pen.